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For more information or to order any of the pet products below, please call Janice at     812.637-6700  

Metro SideKick Dryer  

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$74.95 plus $10.00 Shipping (US Only)

At just over 3 pounds the all steel SIDEKICK produces a large volume of warm filtered air and is great when at home or on the road.  


 Air Volume: 160MPH/85CFM

Air Speed: 18,000 FPM

HP Motor: 1.3

Amps:  8

Volts: 120

Watts:  950

            Warranty: 1 YEAR WARRANTY

            MADE IN USA

Metro Quick Draw

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Designed for the dog grooming industry. This little dryer is GREAT. Same unit as the Metro Blaster Sidekick, but it includes a 12 foot cord, 6 foot hose, wall hanger and shoulder strap for $5.00 more.

MADE IN USA the AIR FORCE QUICK DRAW is a compact, powerful hand held pet dryer that is small enough to take on the road yet strong enough to use in the shop to dry off a large long haired dog in minutes! At just over 3 pounds the compact all steel QUICK DRAW produces a large volume of warm air to dry all pets quickly and thoroughly.

ONLY $79.95 + $10.00 shipping (US Only)


Grooming Collar Bows

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